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Slaughterday Weekend: Oh, good, Korn is still kicking.

posted May 26, 2013, 12:39 am by Kevin Sellers | Filed Under Music News | comment Leave a Comment


Yeah, I used to love me some Korn. I still remember peeling the cellophane off of my fresh copy of Follow The Leader as a young man, not even a teenager, and becoming enthralled with Johnathan Davis’ angst and the band’s aggression. They were a sort of gateway drug into my love of metal, and have remained a curiosity if nothing else. My enjoyment of their music was severely damaged once I matured past the “me vs the world that hates me” stage of teenagehood, but there were still elements to enjoy, and my deep connection to the band could never be fully severed.

But I’ll be damned if they haven’t tried my patience over the years. In my mind, they have gone progressively further and further from themselves since Issues (still my favorite record of theirs), and many would be quick to mention that it has been in the nature of experimentation. Sure, but what is it about their experimenting that also keeps them streamlined with current popped musical trends? You can tie this back to Life Is Peachy and their cover of Ice Cube’s “Wicked”, or his cameo on Follow The Leader‘s “Children of the Korn”. More recently, the band has dipped their feet into the widespread dubstep craze with their latest record The Path Of Totality. There is nothing anywhere saying that a band can’t ‘experiment’ or even ‘sell out’, but there have to be consequences when they use the former as an excuse and camouflage for the latter.

These are evident in the band losing fans by the wayside, but somehow they remain incredibly relevant. The power of their earlier efforts still propels each new release and piece of news to the forefront of metal news and review outlets, and in general they remain a hot button issue for fan and foe alike. My wavering loyalty has seen me harshly criticize many of their more recent efforts (like; The Path Of Totality and Korn), and subsequently dread each new venture. This dread does not, inexplicably so, deter my anticipation of what just might be the album to at least rekindle the blazed trails the band once made.

Consider my anticipation peaked. Recently, after a decade of separation, Brian “Head” Welsh rejoined the fold, offering at least the tease of a hint of a promise that things might get back on track. Brian shares some of his thoughts behind the reunion with Amanda Batista via Aquarian Weekly, which can be read here

It all comes off as boilerplate “everything is the same as it was, don’t worry” type stuff, but honestly, I want to believe. And I won’t blame anyone for myself for any eventual let down.

If you didn’t bother reading the interview, and are out of the loop in general, Korn are currently in the middle of working on their next record, and just began a world tour, refreshed and revived by Head’s return to the fold.

In other Korn-related news, Thomas Crone of St. Louis Magazine recently had a few words with drummer Ray Luzier regarding the upcoming record, which you can check out right here.

Follow the links below for the band’s current touring schedule, and related links to their official sites. And by all means, keep in touch in the future as I guarantee an in-depth review of their upcoming album, and also to completely review the remaining pieces of the band’s discography that have yet to be critiqued for Music Emissions. I feel my perspective on the then and now of Korn is very much apt for a (mostly) unbiased look at what has been a very wild, very successful and very influential career so far.

Until next time, MetalEmissionites.

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