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Slaughterday: Podcast Special

posted January 31, 2015, 8:00 am by Kevin Sellers | Filed Under Music News | comment Leave a Comment

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It’s baaaaack…

After a(nother) long absence, your weekly slab of metal has returned and this time, it’s sticking around. Also, we’re breaking things up into killer segments and every couple of weeks we’ll have a podcast of excellent metal/hard rock for your listening pleasure.

Let’s cut it up!


Scott Weiland is a member of supergroup Art Of Anarchy…until he’s not.

The Butcher’s Take: I’ve always been a huge Stone Temple Pilots fan, and Weiland was a major reason why. But the tumultuous breakup of STP, followed by short-lived stints with Velvet Revolver (which ended when he decided to rejoin STP and claimed that the members of Velvet Revolver cut ties with him) and now a band whose debut album hasn’t even been released yet…well, it seems like more of the same from the aloof vocalist. However, the article DOES tease us with both the upcoming Art Of Anarchy album AND a new album from Weiland’s solo project, Blaster. Anticipation outweighs frustration. Scott might be a confusing man, but he is undoubtedly a gifted man behind a microphone.

Metallica tease us with a possible new album in the works…do we care?

The Butcher’s Take: Ahh, Metallica. I discovered metal at the same time I discovered you. Your early works are still incredible to listen to. You made questionable career choices, seemingly lost your passion for creating great music and…well, shit, who am I kidding? If you take Load, Reload, St Anger and Death Magnetic and combine them, you might have close to two album’s worth of solid stuff. Death Magnetic has actually grown on me quite a bit over the years, but I still think and hope and wish upon a star that this band has one last fire to light. One last Kill ’em All, one last AJFA. One kick to the teeth of everyone who’s doubted them (myself included) over these long years.

I’m hoping, but not holding my breath.

What’s New With Rammstein? Well, Till Lindemann has a new bride…of sorts…

The Butcher’s Take: First off, the combination of Till Lindemann and Peter Tagtgren (Hypocrisy) has me almost as excited as a new Rammstein album would. These two should create something special together. Kinda like that photo…something you’ll never get out of your mind once you witness it. Guitarist Richard Kruspe’s comments lead one to believe the next we’ll hear from the German Uberstars will be a live DVD (or three), which is great news; few bands do it live as well as Rammstein. The butcher says: Cut it up, wrap it up and get it on the shelves! The fiends are hungry!

Fresh Cut

Each week, I’ll pick a random cut of prime metal and serve it up to you. Because the butcher is generous with his meat! This week’s Fresh Cut comes courtesy of England’s duo of black metal monsters, Anaal Nathrakh, whose latest album Desideratum gave the butcher Grade-A meat to work with.

The Antichrist Returns


Since The Golden Age Of Grotesque, the enigmatic and controversial Marilyn Manson has walked a path that veered a great deal from the thematically-tied Triptych of Antichrist Superstar, Mechanical Animals and Holywood. In countless interviews, he has made it somewhat clear that, as he grows up, so does his music. As a fan who entered his realm with the rest of “The Beautiful People”, I lingered on hoping that Manson would eventually return to the anti-religious, anti-society headiness of a foundation he built for himself. After awhile, it became clear that Manson was more interested in singing about relationships, failed or faltering or utterly fucked up. Not quite emo, but not quite what I expected, still The High End Of Low, Eat Me, Drink Me and Born Villain represent a Triptych themselves, a narrow focus on Marilyn’s words and emotional state.

This month, Marilyn Manson released The Pale Emperor, an album that so clearly cuts itself off from the previous three that it’s almost as if the Antichrist is being born (yet) again. Reinforcing his band with the skilled and experienced guitar and songwriting work of Tyler Bates and a huge upgrade behind the drumkit in the form of ex-Dillinger Escape Plan drummer Gil Sharone, Manson has accomplished something very few musicians ever do; he’s recreated his image, his sound, and his viability as a public entity (enemy?).

And people are noticing the difference.

That, naturally, leads us to the theme for this week’s podcast…

Aural Assault (Marilyn Manson Version)

This week’s Aural Assault features a before-and-later glimpse at Marilyn Manson‘s career, with fine cuts from each ‘era’. Bookended by my two personal favorite tracks from The Pale Emperor.


  1. Cupid Carries A Gun (The Pale Emperor)
  2. Dope Hat (Portrait Of An American Family)
  3. The Beautiful People (Antichrist Superstar)
  4. Disassociative (Mechanical Animals)
  5. If I Was Your Vampire (Eat Me, Drink Me)
  6. Third Day Of A Seven Day Binge (The Pale Emperor)

That’s it for this week, my little carnivores. Enjoy your meat!


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