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Episode 24 – SolitaryMan’s Best Tracks Of ’08 (Part 1)

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Tags: Sigur Ros, Tiles, Opeth, Wolf Parade, Testament

Pretty simple this week, folks: the songs that I’ve deemed best of the year so far. Part two will be coming next week or the following. My first draft list could have made for a month’s worth of podcasts, but we’ll save one big “best of” for the end of the year. In the meantime, enjoy these fine songs and do yourself some good, buy the albums if you like what you hear.

Track Listing:

  • Call It A Ritual – Wolf Parade (At Mount Zoomer)
  • The Lotus Eater – Opeth (Watershed)
  • Sacred & Mundane – Tiles (Fly Paper)
  • Gobbledigook – Sigur Ros (Me su i? eyrum vi spilum endalaust)
  • The Formation Of Damnation – Testament (The Formation Of Damnation)
  • The Planks – Guapo (Elixirs)


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