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Episode #49: The All Star Break

posted July 21, 2009, 7:12 pm by Brian Rutherford | Filed Under Podcast | comment Leave a Comment

Tags: Katey Laurel, Shuteye Unison, Basko Sthlm, Year Of The White Rose, Goodnight Human, Michel Ackermann

Welcome to another edition of musicemissions podcast of the week. Congratulations to last week’s themecast winner Lee who guessed all songs from last weeks podcast were artist collaborations. Enjoy your new music and Pandora radio tshirt.


This week we’ve move focus back from the mainstream big hitters to Indie talent. Let’s just call this All Star week… I have compiled six songs from the best six indie artists featured on thusfar this year.

First up…Merely a side project consisting of San Francisco, CA bred formation designed from hiatus band members of Rum Diary, Built For The Sea, Mijuanito and The Action Design. I spoke with members a month or two ago, and they assured me a new release is in thought, but no timetable as of yet. In the meantime, here is Shuteye Unison’s “Fields Landing” from their self titled debut….

Shuteye Unison – Fields Landing

After a long career collaborating with classical musicians old and new, Michel Ackermann showed up at my desk, and with much shock, I’ve been enjoying his debut. Off that debut The Kite EP, here is Ackermann with Back On The Road

Michel Ackerman – “Back On The Road”

The name of the band was originally Tabasco Stockholm in 2006. But after bad feedback from the legal representatives of a certain sauce brand, they decided to change the name to Basko Sthlm (Stockholm). A very colorful and poignant sound, here is Basko Stockholm with “Marble Arch”.

Basko Sthlm – “Marble Arch”

Much like his name, his album craves a definitive unique quality, as I’m over-run with comparisons. By far the closest second coming to Jeff Buckley there is today…Here is Sipo with White Light off his second official release ” Year Of The White Rose”.

Sipo – “White Light”

Hailing from Colorado Katey Laurel is by far one of the greatest finds this year for me. Ordinarily I don’t enjoy her genre, but her melodies and vocals are undeniably superior to most. Here is Katey Laurel with the song “Earthquake off her December 08 release “Upstairs, Downstairs”.

Katey Laurel – “Earthquake”

I’ll spit out a name…Cary Judd… most of you will assume the next I play will be country pop… Think again.. its Pop alright, but it has an infectious melody to it. So without further delay let’s end things here with Cary Judd off his third album, Good night human, Huang Shan “The Ah Ha Song”

Cary Judd – Huang Shan “The ah-Ha song”


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