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Slaughterday: Best of 2013 (With Podcast!)

posted June 29, 2013, 8:00 am by Kevin Sellers | Filed Under Podcast, Top Albums | comment 2 Comments

This week, I give you all a double-header of Slaughterday goodness to help make up for my recent absence. Today, we’ll dig into the handful of tracks that mark my favorites of the year so far…with an obvious emphasis on one album in particular…



To be fair, David Bowie’s The Next Day won my nod for the best album of the 1st half of the year…but Queens of the Stone Age and their fantastic …Like Clockwork may end up being my favorite of the year. Not since their fantastic Songs For The Deaf have they been able to keep me hanging on the edge of my seat for an entire album, simultaneously rocking, rolling and reeling. This week’s podcast features two of the better tracks from this fine album, which act as bookends; “If I Had A Tail” and album opener “Keep Your Eyes Peeled”.

In the middle, we have something for everybody. First, the title track from Alice In Chains‘ latest, The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here. The bride-chorus really flows well, with lyrics that I find particularly appealing even if outside the norm for the weathered rockers. Next is an extremely simple and catchy track from Rob Zombie, the rather ridiculously titled “Ging Gang Gong De Do Gong De Laga Raga”. While certainly not the most intriguing track, the base-level headbanging it provides harkens back to a time when Zombie had the right idea in mind with his music.

Up next is a track that wasn’t even released this year. Or last. No, Anthrax released their spectacular Worship Music back in the fall of 2011, but it took me until now to figure that out. I do hope you’ll forgive the error…I think the awesomeness of “In The End” will do it for you.

And that about wraps this podcast up. I know, terribly slim on metal, yet again, but what I can I tell you? This year has been solid for the genre, no doubt, but not much has come across my desk that moved me so.

Tomorrow we’ll dig into the handful of albums (ALL of them of the metal variety, I assure you) that have managed to impress me most so far this year. For now, enjoy the podcast, and check the links below for reviews of all albums featured. Until next time…

…Like Clockwork
The Devil Put Dinosaurs Here
Venomous Rat Regeneration Vendor
Worship Music


2 Responses to “Slaughterday: Best of 2013 (With Podcast!)”

  1. Profile photo of Kevin Sellers Kevin Sellers on June 30th, 2013 2:02 am

    A little note: tomorrow’s scheduled Slaughterday will have to wait, as current problems with our website leave me unable to do the research needed to make the post. Hopefully next week I can (finally) put this one together. Thanks for anyone who bothered to check out the podcast!

  2. Profile photo of Brian Rutherford Brian Rutherford on June 30th, 2013 6:43 pm

    was really looking forward to this podcast Kev… cant wait for you to post!

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