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Quantum Split – America (2017)

posted July 29, 2017, 7:23 pm by JasonHillenburg | Filed Under | comment Comments Off on Quantum Split – America (2017)



People have forgotten how vital rock and roll can be as a conveyor of moments in history and personal commitment. Quantum Split, a four piece formed from meeting as students in Boston’s famed Berklee College of Music, attack rock music with a fresh, head-down vibe few contemporary bands of their age can muster or sustain. Their two song EP release America highlights how they are engaged with modern life, but never rendered inert by it. These songs don’t promote political dogmas or find themselves mired in issues rather than the personal; instead, the music engages listeners on a visceral level and with razor sharp intelligence that makes these tracks much more than well orchestrated guitar workouts. Distinguished by the presence of lead vocalist, musician, and songwriter Soleil Laurent, no one working today sounds like Quantum Split and they are certain to leave their mark on the scene deeper and deeper with each passing year.

They throw a lot of their imaginative effort behind the title song “America” and the work pays off handsomely. Quantum Split achieves a seemingly effortless blend of rock atmospherics and neo-funk that gives vocalist Laurent ample space to work her magic. Few vocalists can boast her sort of white-hot charisma. She has all the needed gravitas to get the subject matter over and shows just enough finesse on both of the EP’s songs to convince keen-eared listeners that she has passion and chops in equal measure. The four piece does an exceptional job of manipulating the dynamics of an arrangement – “America” seamlessly transitions from quieter passages into full-throated and boisterous rock cooking hot enough to peel paint off the walls. The band’s playing is impeccably tight and they are blessed with a chemistry allowing them to sound like they’ve been playing for a decade or more instead of the relatively brief time they’ve been together. The rhythm section, in particular, deserves mention for their ability to maintain a solid low end that shows great imagination and never settles for a staid, straight-forward attack.

The second song “Runaway” opens as a slow, meditative blues and it draws out every grain of grit and gravel in Laurent’s voice to make it work. When Quantum Spilt opt for dialing up the musical intensity, their capacity for invention never abandons them entirely and their riffing has an inspired air. Quantum Split certainly has a wide array of influences, but tracks like “Runaway” and its ilk show off a band clearly embracing rock’s possibilities and added new textures to twist them to their own ends. Guitarist Adrian Read soars thanks to the guitar work he supplies the song that’s perfectly in tune with its emotional tenor. Quantum Split have debuted with a resounding impact and there’s nothing over the course of this EP that hints at them growing tired or creatively exhausting themselves. It is safe to assume we will be more from this band in coming years and, provided they can fan and sustain the spark that makes them so memorable, Quantum Split will be around for decades to come.


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