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Charles Martel’s Top 1000: Part 55

posted November 5, 2014, 12:30 am by CharlesMartel | Filed Under Recommendations from the Writer's Mind, Video | comment Leave a Comment

At the start of this series of blogs I looked at how my taste would inevitably be influenced by geography and time. As we are now approaching the end, it may be interesting to revisit those issues again to see how it all panned out. So, first off, dealing with time, the breakdown of tracks on this list by decade (and I will include those not yet revealed) is as follows –

1920-1949 – 22
1950’s – 18
1960’s – 121
1970’s – 232
1980’s – 301
1990’s – 161
2000’s – 77
2010’s – 14

In addition, there are 54 inclusions which would fall under the definition of “classical”. It is hard to ascribe these to a decade because, while an individual performance might have a date, the music itself was composed anywhere between the 1950’s stretching back to the early thirteenth century. This review of the era of the tracks in this list does, however, confirm what I predicted, not surprisingly, that the music of the decades which had the greatest influence on me, the seventies and the eighties, are the most heavily represented with over half the tracks from that time.

Only ten to go after this.

Charles Martel’s 15-11

15. The Headboys – “The Shape of Things to Come” (The Headboys)

Why this album has not been reissued is beyond me. The Headboys featured a classically-trained pianist as a keyboards player and the dexterity and skill he brought to the mix really shows up on this fantastic track.

14. Meat Loaf – “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” (Bat out of Hell)

Combining the attempt of the boy to get into the girl’s knickers with the running commentary from a baseball match was a unique concept. The best track Meat Loaf ever did, this song is the highest ranking American track in the list.

13. B-Movie – “Remembrance Day” (7” Single)

The single version of this song is quite amazing and is far better than the album or the live versions. It drives with an immediacy and a power which is lacking on other versions.

12. The Chameleons – “Monkeyland” (Script of the Bridge)

The best track by the Chameleons, one of the leading post-punk bands of the early eighties. This starts out slow and then bursts into action with a force which powerful enough to take your breath away.

11. The Kinks – “Waterloo Sunset” (Something Else by the Kinks)

Voted the best British song of the sixties in a music magazine poll a couple of years ago, this track is a perfect description of life in 1960’s London.


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