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Editorial: Musicians In The Political Realm

posted July 1st, 2015 by madelainej | Filed under: Editorial | 1

What right do popular musicians have in the political realm? And why should we give their opinion credence? In answer to the first question, I suppose they have just as much right as anyone else. But why does it seem the opinion of celebrities matters more than the average person? Why should politicians care what Bono thinks or Lady Gaga? To be honest I don’t think politicians care for much beyond public opinion and the almighty dollar. But they put on a good show, don’t they? Recently, Bono met Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Ottawa about maternal and child health aid in Africa and elsewhere.

Part of me is happy celebrities like Bono aren’t spending their time swimming in a vault full of hundred dollar bills, but another part of me wonders how informed musicians are on world affairs and how much we should trust their opinions. I feel it is an old world mind set to believe other countries require help from the western world, and shows the remnants of colonial endeavours. I think it presumptuous to offer help where it has not been asked for, and until the question has been put forward, countries, politicians and celebrities should not try to ‘fix’ so called ‘problems’ in other countries. But if the call for aid has been sent, why should musicians bare arms answering such a call?

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Review: K. Flay’s Album Launch Bummer Picnic Picnic

posted June 29th, 2015 by madelainej | Filed under: Live Show Reviews | 0

K. Flay's latest album,

K. Flay’s latest album

It is always heartening to leave the comfort of your room listening to studio albums to venture outside, to the city, the T.Dot, the big TO, for an album launch and find a community of musicians and music fans still exists. After driving two and a half hours on the 401 and through summer construction and endless signs reminding me of the imminent Pan AM games (as if the commercials on TV weren’t enough), I walked in the breezy sun to the Cloak and Dagger Irish pub. It was as all Irish pubs should be, a hole in the wall that had that permanent aroma of spilt beer mingled with piss and vomit. It wasn’t overwhelming, it was like a pleasant reminder that this was an authentic Irish pub in the middle of Toronto.

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Review: 2015 Vans Warped Tour Pomona

posted June 27th, 2015 by Carlita | Filed under: Live Show Reviews | 0

Photo by Joshua Halling

Photo by Joshua Halling

With the historic Vans Warped Tour turning BlackJack’s magic number, now seemed about as good a time as any to attend my first one and I looked forward to the tour kickoff. This being my first event at this Pomona venue, I trekked through the dust kicked up from moshing, past the fake old town Western façades and mini city of merch tents to visit the stages dispersed across the Fairgrounds. #VWT is not for the weak or fainthearted as the blistering sun beat down on concertgoers and required escapes to the rare shaded places and water breaks.

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Review: 5 Seconds Of Summer in Milan

posted June 24th, 2015 by Colasanti Chiara | Filed under: Music News | 1

5_SOS_MilanThe Italian teenagers were waiting for their beloved artists since last year, when they opened for One Direction, in the San Siro Stadium. This time 5 Seconds Of Summer were doing their first Italian headline gigs: on the 8th of May in Turin and the 9th of May in Milan. I went to the Milan gig, at Assago’s Forum and the show was pretty astonishing: on stage and under the stage.

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Contest: Leon Bridges

posted June 24th, 2015 by Brian Rutherford | Filed under: Contest | 0

One of the most meteoric artists in the industry right now is Fort Worth, Texas based Leon Bridges. We’ve partnered with our friends, With A Bullet, to give away his album “Coming Home,” which was released on 6/23/15.



-Simply Facebook post or Tweet us the name of the first artist that comes to mind when you hear Leon Bridges. #MELikeLeon

-Must be a resident of Canada
-Contest ends on midnight, Monday June 29th


One winner will receive:
-Copy of the CD
One winner will receive:
-Copy of the vinyl
*We will select and notify the winner by Tuesday, June 30th

Press Release Roundup- June 22

posted June 23rd, 2015 by Carlita | Filed under: Music News, Press Release Roundup, Releases | 0

Music journalists get hit with a steady helping of press releases every day. For the music fan without that kind of sensory overload, a lot of music news can pass by without being seen. Every Monday, we will weed through and compile a list of some of the most intriguing press releases to come across our virtual desk.


R&B artist Miguel returns this week with his much anticipated follow-up to his Grammy award-winning sophomore album ,’Kaleidoscope Dream’, with his latest offering ‘Wildheart’. Continuing his trademark style of romantic, sexual and introspective lyrics with tinges of classic rock, ‘Wildheart’ gives listeners an inside peek into the artist’s psyche, passionate love affair and his genuine affection for LA. Preview the album before it officially drops next week at NPR HERE !


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Introducing: Jonas Martin

posted June 19th, 2015 by JasonHillenburg | Filed under: Bio, Editorial, Introducing | 0

Life is full of circuitous journeys. We find things in our youth that fire our imaginations before moving on to other passions, but occasionally, we sometimes retrace our steps and find unexpected callings from the ashes of the past. Jonas MartinWBO_8878 remembers his father’s love for music and a long tenure playing percussion in school band played crucial roles in his development, but despite their influence, a younger Martin wanted to pursue filmmaking instead.

The intrusions of growing up pulled Martin in another direction and his goal of becoming involved with film receded in the distance. He moved in with a close musician friend and, initially as a lark, Martin and his friend began recording improvisational jams and sound collages. Read more…

Review: Maroon 5 in Milan

posted June 19th, 2015 by Colasanti Chiara | Filed under: Live Show Reviews | 0

Maroon5-MilanItaly was waiting for Maroon 5 and they finally arrived. It was an amazing party, not just a concert. More than 12,000 people were there to sing, dance and scream, having a blast while Maroon 5, on stage, were doing their show. On the 12th of June, we understood why we were waiting for them so impatiently .Their energy is incredible and their songs mean so much to a lot of us that their concert time travelled between memories and past experiences.

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Interview: Brandon Flowers

posted June 18th, 2015 by Colasanti Chiara | Filed under: Interviews, Music News | 0

Brandon Flowers_cover album_The Desired Effect We met Brandon Flowers before his Italian concert in Milan, on the 5th of June and asked about his solo career, about The Killers too (obviously!) and about… world peace! Read his answers below!

Your latest solo album was different from 2010′s, when you did your first solo record?

Brandon : No, it’s very similar, there were very similar circumstances to the first time because after we’ve finished “Day and Age”, which is The Killers’ third record, we knew that there was gonna be a long break and so it was very similar. After “Battle Born” there will be a long break, so I took time for myself to do another record. If I didn’t make this record I would have all of these songs, plus there are thirty songs that didn’t make this record, plus I’d be at home right now writing more songs and when it would be time to do The Killers’ record, I would have all of these songs, and Mark and Dave and Ronnie would be like “eeeew… too much!” In addition, it’s best when The Killers are collaborating and all four together to create new songs, that’s the best! There were some songs destined to The Killers, but they didn’t like them…

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