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Becoming a reviewer

Do you pay reviewers?

In a word, yes. Please read on...

How do I become a reviewer?

You need to spend some time in our avid music community in order to become known on the site. You should interact and most importantly, contribute user reviews to the site. Once our editorial staff feels that you have the skills that we need for editorial reviews then you will be offered a position on our staff.

You need to:

  • At least three reviews weekly
  • Be objective
  • Enjoy all types of indie music (Americana, Electronica, hip hop, rock, emo, punk, metal etc)
  • Short reviews between 200-300 words
  • Above all, be a decent writer which should be demonstrated on your user reviews.
Paying reviewers? That doesn't happen much anymore. How do you manage to do it?

With ad revenue and artists paying to have their music reviewed. We distribute the fees collected from ad dollars and paid reviews and distribute it to our staff according to how many reviews they have done. So as long as people keep advertising and paying for reviews then we can keep money flowing to reviewers.

How much do you pay?

Right now reviewers are being paid $2-5 per 250+ word review. This doesn't sound like a lot but if a reviewer clocks up 10 reviews in a month then that equates to $20-50 of extra spending money for music or whatever they want.

I have a review I'd like to contribute. Will you post it?

No. You can post it yourself. If you find an artist that isn't listed in our database add the artist and album yourself. Then you can post your review as a "user review".

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