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Music Emissions Is not A Standard Music Review Site

Music Emissions is the best way to learn about new music. We aren't in the business of selling music. Our focus is educating the general public about new music and matching up new releases with people who care. Have you ever said or heard someone say "There's no good music today"? Good music is all around us but it's hard to filter through the crap and the massive amounts being put out. And we understand that everyone's music taste is as diverse as the next.

With Music Emissions you can:
1. Display your affection for the bands you love and listen too. This fuels the site recommendation system.
2. Get music recommendations based on your favorite artists and genres
3. Have your friends recommend you music, and recommend them music as well. Who knows you better than your friends? And make friends who like the same music you do.
4. Voice your opinion about music. Write user reviews right alongside editorial reviews. Comment on other user reviews. Who knows? You might end up being chosen as an editorial reviewer.
5. Comment on friends profiles, other users blogs, band profiles and album pages
6. Basically, discovering new music as well as educating others on great music.

Basically, Music Emissions recommends good music to you. We don't care how you get it in the end, we just want you to have the perfect soundtrack for your life.

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