Symphony's Latest Blog Posts on Music Emissions The latest blog posts from Symphony on Music Emissions en-us 260 Music Emissions 79 60 I've Been Gone a Long Time 2009-04-22 00:33:36 I really have. It wasn't intentional. I got the IMs from Dennis on the new site--a few hours/days late, but I got them. I love it. And it's sad that I've been that absent. What have I been doing?

Living the confused life of a disorganized and disoriented college student. But I've got a lot of chickens in row and I'm not so BUSY anymore. I'm not so swamped. I made a huge mistake of just disappearing without a word. I didn't want to be that guy. So here I am.

Back. My bad, MusicEmissions readers. Go listen to Astronautalis. And grab me a beer, while I study and jam.

Just sit back and relax again 2008-04-04 02:43:54 I am a self-proclaimed demo-fanatic. I seize every b-side, demo, bootleg, etc. I can wrap these talentless piano fingers around. So, with that being said, I've created a little playlist that creates a treasure hunt. I will list 9 tracks (weird number, I know) here and now that I've been spinning endlessly but are somewhat harder to find than your average album track. Your goal (if you choose to attempt it) is to find these 10 tracks. I will not give any hints but that I find everything in practically one spot. However, its cavities are thick and digging through is more trying than an archaeology dig. That is all. But they could be anywhere! The playlist this week:


Panic! At The Disco - "Nails For Breakfast" - AFYSCO Demos

This acoustic demo of the album track is quite pleasant where you are introduced Brendon Urie very purely--and I enjoy the synth.

You, Me, and Everyone We Know - "Do It Again!" - Party For The Grown and...

Remastered and released for free by This poppy toe-tapper mentions Edgar Allan Poe. Nerdcore? And they say 'fuck' like fourteen times. I'm concerned for my sister's innocence's sake. "Shut up and dance!" (insert crazy little popriff)

Straylight Run - "Diginity and Money" - Acoustic

John Nolan has an amazing voice. End.

Saves The Day - "Radio" - AP Acoustic Session

This streamed on the site for a while. Chris Conley is like a drug and an irritant. Oh that voice and ugh that voice. "Singing whoooooooooooooooooa!"

Pompeii - "Assembly" - SXSW Acoustic - 2007

I love this band. Assembly was the most underrated album of the year last year. Orgasmic.

New Atlantic - "Apologize (Featuring Charlotte Sometimes) [OneRepublic Cover]" - Acoustic

This song originally is a prime example of producing gone. But this cover is amazing. Charlotte Sometimes has a beautiful voice and Giovanni of New Atlantic couples it perfectly. Amazing duet.

Muse - "Super Massive Black Hole (Vocal)" - Black Holes and Revelations Bsides

A pure, nonmusical, raw exposure to the God that dwells within Matthew Bellamy's chords. I love him.

Lydia - "Your Taste Is My Attention" - Misc.

"I've been trying to tell you to stay away--and oh no oh no!" Mindy's voice is gorgeous. So is that guy--Mindy? Oh that's the girl.

Jet Lag Gemini - "My Jin" - Fire The Cannons Bsides

Example of why some bsides should be album tracks. What an amazing track.

Because it's nine in the afternoon, and your eyes are the size of the moon! 2008-02-11 01:28:50 Readers, I differ from most of the staff. A fair majority listen to Pitchfork-esque indie (not a slight, just a statement) while I tend for the more poppier side of the spectrum. I hype Jet Lag Gemini and Circa Survive (granted, Brian hyped Chiodos' disgusting sophomore s(hi)um(t)p (subliminal messaging) and Dennis likes Spoon and, I'm assuming, Radiohead. So beknownst to me, I know I can be assured of Dennis and Brian to say "This song is disgusting." Whatever. I'm a hipster and to be frank, this song is enticingly catchy. "Sean, what the hell are you talking about?" I'm talking about Panic(!) At The Disco's new song "Nine In The Afternoon" (sorry, I'm ignoring the rough demo of "You're So Starving").

What? I've probably said numerous times that I hate this band. Previous statements be damned. This song rebirthed my love "A Fever You Can't Sweat Out." This probably sounds I'm saying that this song would fit right in on that album. Logical fallacy, says I. This song would stick out like a carrot on a snowman. Some say it's heavily influenced by The Beatles (maybe) and by The Beach Boys (for sure), but it's got a unique P(!)ATD twist. Unique and P(!)ATD in the same sentence? Yeah, I went there. The song is lyrically dull but incredibly catchy meanwhile the music is big and theatrical while simple and enjoyable. The string arrangements are a nice touch. Urie is kind of pitchy (shocker), but it's okay.

This may not be the dance phenomena like AFYCSO was but Pretty.Odd. will definitely be pretty decent, if the album goes along the same trend this song does. Pre-haters be damned, go listen to this.

My 'New' Thing and My Other 'New' Thing 2008-01-02 19:01:00 It's not a new thing, it's a closeted thing. No, no, no. I'm not gay. My dad would like to say that the music I listen to does in fact breed homosexuality--yet, I've never seen tangible proof of this so I think this means my dad hasn't a leg to stand on. My secret is that other then a deep-seeded passion for old Pokemon game emulators for the PC, I love electronica. There, I've said it. It's not remotely embarassing but for a person such as myself who emulates the persona of a post-hardcore/pop-punk lover, an electronica obsession just doesn't seem to fit.

I don't even know where to begin. So, I'm going to end it there and move on to my other musical love: pop. Now, I'm not going to be like some websites whose attitudes I'll never fathom but whose reviews I read simply because of how amazing concise they are (Pitchfork) and say Rihanna's "Umbrella" is the song of the year. No, that song is downright atrocious and is only tolerable when remixed by stellar DJs. But Britney Spears, Usher (R&B, pop, tomato, tomahto), Justin Timberlake, not Clay Aiken, Mika, these are all quality pop acts.

So what does this mean? I've decided to really bring a new twist to by embracing these artists and reviewing them. The mainstream is not to be ignored simply because it is the mainstream. Not all radio-driven artists are horrible (Clay Aiken is, Pink is) and I think by reviewing them, that attitude could be cast upon you readers. I have recently reviewed Lily Allen and M.I.A. albums and feel I did them justice. I'm not sure what I have planned next. Oh--and fear not, I haven't lost touch with my old taste in music. I will still be reviewing other releases in the rock genre. I've decided to just be more well-rounded, partly for everyone's sake, mostly for mine. That fits my persona.

Well. 2007-10-20 11:34:41 For the past two weeks, I lost access to internet, I've had a crazy work schedule, and I've spent most of my time either doing schoolwork or hanging out with the girlfriend, doing pretty much nothing or getting xrayed so much by her parents that'll I probably die of radiation poisoning in the near future. I went to my school's Improv Variety Show and wondered why these kids thought they were humorous and talented musicians and then watched my friend wipe the floor of them with his two original songs and amazing rendition of Brand New's "Soco Amaretto Lime."

So, now, I'm sitting on my computer preordering Say Anything's new album, The Format's new disc, and trying to catch up on some releases I haven't bought. I will be burning the reviewing oil later tonight.

My First Weekend Off 2007-09-29 12:16:33 Basically, I'm exhausted even though I slept for about 10 hours. Honestly, I don't understand how that happened, how can I still be tired? God, this is a really bad. But, there are some plusses: 1) I don't work today. Joy to the world, the devil is quelled. 2) I get dressed up and serve foods and dance the night away as people wish they were elsewhere. 3) And I get slice of cake. I think helping ITS is a win win, folks. Free cake? Can you say Hallelujah? I can, hallelujah. Easy squeezy lemon peezy. Wait--what the hell is a lemon peezy? Oh my God.

I woke up this morning with the incredible urge to listen to Erasure. Something about blonde-haired primadonnas and 80s synth just seemed to want to touch me this morning so I hopped onto the computer and turned on their Greatest Hits. Now, I'm probably going to have "Stop!" stuck in my head all day. This isn't going to be good.

I mentioned I get to dance. Now, when I was taking notes on the whole performance, I actually took notes on each waiter dance and all of them were under one huge category called "WTF Oddball Waiting Staff Are Getting Distracted By:" and I'd list whatever they were listening to under there. Chicken Dance, YMCA, and the other atypical dance songs. I'm not sure if I'm entirely excited about the dancing portion. I mean, I probably have the most non-existent rhythm ever. My Spanish 3 class can attest to this declaration. No rhythm, none folks.

Speaking of Spanish, I tried to invent a new crowd movement idea. Instead the wave, I'd call it the windmill and you would spin your infront of you and once you start the others around you join and it never stops. It's very ingenius. And would probably be more popular than the 25-year-old wave. Thank you, Slow News Day at CNN for the interesting fun fact.

So now I'm listening to "A Little Respect" and I'm reminded of that episode of Scrubs where the whole hospital has it stuck in their heads. It is like a damn virus. Oh my God, am I sneezing or singing? "Give a little respect to me" now equates to "Achoo!"

I decided to check my grades online. Not disappointing results. My Spanish grade could be higher and I need to raise my Algebra grade before this nonsense becomes to complicated. Most importantly, no D and F reports. God loves all the little children (except the gays, apparently).

We're gonna be, we're gonna be together again. I decided to listen to "Stop!" again. "Stop!" I know, Erasure, I know. "Oh L'amour" is probably the poppiest love song ever created. Ever. No one can beat Erasure in the preppy poppy love song contest. They will crush you folks.

I've been on a Junior Varsity binge lately. I'm pretty sure Cinematographic will be my album of the year. I've also been listening to Reality Vs. The Optimist by Kiss Kiss, and I've been liking it just as much as when I first heard it. I really want the new Say Anything, In Defense of the Genre. I also want Max Bemis to start a rapping side-project. Wouldn't it be nice? Oh, I think so. I think I may review some albums today.

Working and Chatting 2007-09-23 12:45:21 So I missed my own review Friday, so on Tuesday, my day off from work I'll be reviewing the Dangerous Summer. I would today, but I've delayed homework enough. Work is a joyous place where I work solo stocking stuff from toothpaste to deteorogent. Then I traverse to the warehouse and organize it. Then I stock more shit. This cycle is more endless than the menstrual cycle and probably more frustrating--that's right, women, I jabbed at you and implied something is one-upping you. Prove me wrong and I'll recant.

I've also been spending my time chatting up the honeys.

Can't touch this.

Retrospective Account of My Summer 2007-09-15 03:33:14 If you will, fellow staff and users, imagine I'm not a mean lean reviewing machine. It's not hard, is it? I haven't cranked out nearly as many reviews I'd like to over this past summer. Positively dreadful. So let me give you the run down on how my summer went and how the beginning of my year is going.

I started off the summer with getting fired from work. Apparently getting hit at work (not actually DOING the hitting, being the reciever) and being the bigger person and holding back and not retaliating gets you fired. I know the situation sounds jacked and more detail should be given. Oh well. As of now I have a new job, with salary, better hours, better management, better organization, less Bigfoot-like supervisors. Thankfully I found the job. I was on my last sixty dollars. I need to learn ton contain my currency consumption.

I visited an old friend along with family on the East Coast. My family was great but I missed my own house with my own standard of living. I just don't think I could ever bare with having my life being as routinely bland as my poor grandma's is. She tries to get about but she just isn't as young and full as she used to be. My aunt and uncle were great to see, my uncle having grown a beard. It made him look older. I was taller than him though. It's about time I garnered some height. My friend was annoying...ugh, she was annoying. Someone as insecure as should be on anti-depressants--oh wait, she is. Then up the dose, doctor. She has an eigth grade mentality and she is a senior. A senior. She hadn't changed since I left in my freshmen year. Whatever.

Started school, thankfully. It got me motivated for college. Classes are as entertaining as possible, by far my favorite is my journalism course. I plan on going to school to study journalism so it's a very informative college prep-like course. I've developed a routine of walking from fourth to fifth period class where I see this girl, glance at her, she glances at me, we incline our heads, and then we carry on. It's a very mundane routine but I'm pretty if the other wasn't there, we'd notice. She is a very pretty girl who has the unfortunate syndrome of being a taken entity. Most annoying. The kid she is dating is fat, but she is a sophomore and is highly attractive. She kind of has big eyes, but they are very round and vibrant. Very pretty. And my vegetarian friend informed me she was vegetarian, which is kind of annoying but supposedly she isn't a pushy vegetarian, so what will be, must be. The point is she must break up with that fat kid and I must introduce myself to her. That's all there is to it.

I've been listening to a lot of The Junior Varsity, Bloc Party, Kiss Kiss, Straylight Run. It's been an odd summer for me. My iPod is nearly dead but I can't allow it to die. It has nearly 1000 bsides and rare demos on it. If I must do microwave surgery (insert into microwave, turn microwave on, watch--my friends told me this...), I will. I will not lose my iPod. Charlie will hold on, he must. I've been playing World of Warcraft when I can. Regardless of your opinion, that game is a stress reliever up until the point where you are so close to the next level or when you die. Then you just want to headbutt your monitor.


Incoming 2007-08-11 20:59:05 I am opinionated. I join the ranks of bloggers of the interwebs on August 21st. I will then imploy as much skill humanly possible to tell people how they themselves operate in modern day culture. I also think I know this. This is going to be interesting.


First piece: Be Honest


Ooooooooh. > foreshadowing 

Warped Tour 2007 Pomona 6.29 2007-07-06 20:34:46 I don't go to many concerts. Mostly local ones with the bands forcing a demo into my hands. However, this year, I dedicated an entire day, quite literally to going to a concert and seeing a good majority of my favorite bands and being enticed by the ones I formerly wished would for the love of God just break up. Talking about you, Warped Tour, with your easily taken posters taped to trashcans to Victory Records booths with Bayside sitting signing every Bayside ornament I could push underneath their sharpies to tackling a guy who was walking around offering free hugs (dude, sorry, hope your nose is ok, I think I may have hit you in it) to calling some scenester's skirt some ugly ballerina rag.

Yes, I went there--and aside from missing two acts I really wanted to see (Circa Survive more than Chiodos, if truth be told), it was all-around a good day. Confusing stage names kind of irritated me (Hurley Stage and Stage--yeah, genius Kevin Lyman). We arrive, late, but arrive nonetheless. We catch the end of The Matches playing "Papercut Skin" and I was highly impressed by their live performance. I also caught the beginning of Boys Like Girls before a friend and I ran to worship Anthony Raneri (Bayside). I almost saw a guy get choked out for landing on this other's guy girlfriend while crowd-surfing. The girlfriend's manmeat had this crazy idea of rescuing--making her also crowdsurf into the arms of a security guard ready to feel up any exposed breast like the fat perverts all steroid-using security guards are at these kind of festivals.

After Bayside, my friend and I searched around for Bayside posters (I managed to find one near the security guard area and was lucky to spot a perfectly good copy of Official Warped Tour Program lying on a pile of trash heaped into a cardboard box). Waiting in line until the signing, we discovered that Anthony was sick, but the rest of the band was quite polite and most especially Jack O'shea who has simply the most unique signature ever with a face that looks quite angry. He was a really swell guy. My friend and I then tent hopped around, stopping by the and caught a excellent acoustic performance from Between the Trees (where were you Jon Lally, where?).

Walking through the tents, we managed to stroll by the Takeover Records tent--where we encountered a possibly sarcastic Ben Harper, formerly of Yellowcard. He kept saying that Yellowcard sucked now, which was quite humorous but his "just kidding's" didn't make me a believe. I caught the rerelease of their Where We Stand album and his new band's Hey Mike album. I got them both signed by him and the whole tent was apparently a member of Hey Mike and they signed it as well. We caught The Almost playing as well, which was pretty amazing. I'm not even the biggest fan but they have an amazing live atmosphere. Then we searched around for the stage Coheed and Cambria would be playing on and went into the craziest crowd ever: New Found Glory.

My friend heard them playing so we both rushed over there (for those curious, bring your girlfriends; my friend's made an excellent bagholder) and moved through the crowd and got as close as we could. I was stuck between my friend's elbow and some guy's fat. Just his fat, don't ask me where he was, I have no idea. I got to the point where I was really on the verge of passing out so my solution is to be exponentially badass and leap to the canopy of hands and roll, hop, and be thrown to the very front. Afterwards, we rushed to see Coheed and Cambria. They are very good live but some girl kept getting upset with us as we tried to move through the crowd to the front (we were trying to get a good spot for Paramore who was playing next). She ended up disappearing, I'm assuming she bitched one too many times and the people just stepped her face in (God willing). However, other than her, the crowd was quite dull and moving through was quite easy until we met a Paramore set's worst nightmare: setup.

Apparently, Paramore's road crew is somwhere between shit and a hard place, because they were five minutes late when they finished setting up and angering the fans of Paramore is a mortal sin. When they did start playing, I may have come closer to unconciousness than previous sets (including NFG). A fat girl's elbow annihilated my face and the boys themselves were more fanatical in their singing than the females (I so have no room to talk). However, I was right at the barriers for nearly the entire set. The entire set was cut short because they had a shitty road crew--and the fans--needless to say were seething as they trudged off to catch other sets. We wandered through the tents again and got a variety of things signed: Circa poster signed, Alesana sticker signed, NFG poster signed and a picture with the guitarist , and some Antagen demo signed.

We trekked to catch Scary Kids Scaring Kids live where they feasted us to some of the most powerful keyboards ever and a new song which was quite good. The last song both my friend and I crowd surfed to the front punching the air the entire time. It was a very good performance. What was funny, was afterwards, we stalked the bassist around the fairgrounds and finally caught him and gave the usual "Dude, you were amazing, love me, marry me, etc. me." Where he was modest and called us great (true, but still) and we hugged him (I touched a famous person). We went to the SKSK tent and watched a member Circa armwrestle fans, witnessing him lose and recieve tendonitis, according to him. We eventually caught a member of SKSK got him to sign a poster.

All in all, it was an excellent day and surpisingly I never pissed throughout the day--I drank at least 15 waterbottles. I was drenched in my sweat and about 1000 other people's sweat however. It was a very enjoyable day and I suggest regardless of your beliefs to go to a festival like this; there is just too much talent to be stubborn to miss it.