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  1. Nightmares For A Week - Feelin’ Blue |
  2. Urban Fetch - The Shots |
  3. Dan Blackburn - It Remains to be Seen |
  4. Session 606 - The Great Act of Failure |
  5. Moving Mountains - With One’s Heart In One’s Mouth |
  6. Rick Whispers - Case of the Mondays |
  7. Animals Like Us - Machines |
  8. My Only Escape - Mayor of Party (It’s Hard to Measure When You’re Drinking Straight from the Keg) |
  9. Weerd Science - Dear S.A.M. (UnRapped) |
  10. Thieves and Villains - Settle New York, Settle |
  11. The Ricochet - Runaway Getaway |
  12. Pugs - The Last Hope |
  13. Walking Bombs - + Side For Eos |
  14. Evazan - Flow |
  15. Weerd Science - I Wish I Went to College |
  16. White Out - Love For Haters |
  17. Spineless Thug - Phineas |
  18. Cosmonaut - Sleepless |
  19. Mours - Christmas From Hell |

download .zip:

This free digital sampler was compiled to give a glimpse into the diverse musicality that dwells in Hudson Valley, NY.  New York is a vast state…  there’s so much more to it than just the city.  Here’s a bit that goes on from Westchester to Albany.  Many many thanks to the musicians for taking part in this project and keeping the music alive!

Being a resident of the Hudson Valley my entire life (I’ve lived in Rockland, Westchester, and Ulster), I’ve always been interested in the thriving music scene (though before I discovered its existence I tinkered deeply in what was going on in New Jersey and on Long Island).  The Hudson Valley has most famously birthed The Band, Steely Dan, Soulive, Shabutie / Coheed and Cambria, The Getaway / Matchbook Romance, 3, Jerk Magnet / Anadivine, Cooter / AutoPilot Off, Saul Williams, Jeff Klein, Hayden Panettiere, Pete Seeger, Jay Beckenstein, Chris Caffery, Gia Farrell, Matt Flynn and of course- the Woodstock Music Festival.  The talent is strong here.  Must be in the historically rich soil or something… because it’s ridiculous!

The idea for this sampler was inspired by the combination of the 10 year anniversary of Error 404 - Not Found compilation and the release of the “So Much For Us” book.  Both archive the underground rock scene of Kingston/Woodstock in the late 90’s leading me to believe that I’m not alone in or crazy for feeling such passion toward the music to emerge from this area.

Most of these songs are unmastered.  Some are rough mixes.  Some are personal/basement recordings.  One is live.


If you don't support your local scene, who will?

***Apologies to the artists who did not make the compilation this time around.  The feedback was so great, I could not fit everything that I received!  I will most definitely be doing this again in the near future so if you’re still interested in inclusion shoot me an email missneesh [at]

time's not wasted if you're gettin' wasted 2009-06-04 10:16:01 ]]> I Wish I Went to College 2009-05-26 17:11:24 Weerd Science's take on Asher Roth's "I Love College" -- "I Wish I Went to College" -- up on myspace -- free download at]]> Be Part of Weerd Science's Live Show! 2009-05-17 18:00:01 by July 31st.]]> um... FUCK YES 2009-01-22 23:01:14 Dirty Ern shed some light on the Weerd Science Sick Kids release situation with a mention of Coheed on this blog last night around midnight.

The gang also posted a new track off the record.  "The Clap" featuring Anni Krueger.

And Ern filmed this video of Mours (Josh's new rock project with Anthony Masington, Dave "Wavis" Parker, Kurt Brown and Dave Daw of Darkworld Studio). Mours have also posted their debut song, "Christmas From Hell" on myspace.  !!!!!




Too much good news.  This calls for an unrelated celebration.  Saturday night at The National Underground downstairs (owned by Joey DeGraw and Gavin DeGraw) in NYC: Female Songwriters Showcase.

  • 7:00 Sandy Stones
  • 8:00 Liza Lee
  • 9:00 Lachi (album release party!!)
  • 10:00 Emiko
  • 11:00 Allison Cipris

With love, excitement and much optimism,


The Beat Goes on for Josh Eppard 2009-01-22 04:14:36 Weerd Science is Joshua Eppard.  Joshua Eppard is a rapper, rock musician, composer and all around humble guy from Kingston, NY.  His first band, 3, performed at Woodstock 1994.  Dude was 14 years old.  Prior to that he'd also layed down the drum beat for a song off the B-52's 1992 album Good Stuff (uncredited) at the legendary Bearsville Studio in Woodstock, NY.  Josh is most notably known for his drumming and compositions with Shabutie / Leader One (for one show) / Coheed and Cambria from late 1999 until 2006...  but during all this time he's been composing and recording rap songs...  from various tape recorders to Wavis' parents' basement to Applehead Studio to Darkworld Studio...   Hell even that period of time that he left 3 (2 years after their record deal with Universal fell through), joined / left Bleed Theory / Divest, joined Shabutie / Coheed...  he recorded a "dungeon hip-hop" record with Bobby Delicious and Wavis, Newborn.  That album never saw the light of day.  He didn't intend to market his hip-hop ("this is hip-hop for the love, not a #1 on the charts"), but Josh Eppard didn't stop making it.  Whenever he was home from touring the world with Coheed and could get a minute with Wavis, they'd get some music going and Josh would spill his guts over it.  A few demos got out and spread on the internet in 2004.  Equal Vision Records approached him and were like, "dude, you should put out a record!"  So Eppard got his Super Posse of Awesomeness together and they performed some shows with the then unknown Gym Class Heroes providing support (they give him a shout out on the track "On My Own Time (Write On!).") throughout the Northeast United States.  While Josh was on tour with Coheed in Europe Friends and Nervous Breakdowns was put together.  It was released on March 22, 2005.  I remember because I rushed out to the mall (the nation's 3rd largest) that day and searched through every single music store for it.  The only place that carried it was Hot Topic.  Blech.  So expensive there I had to gather all the change I had around to cover the cost.  I put it in on my stereo in the car and was instantly hooked from the moment the intro began.  It hit me in a spot nothing else had ever touched me like before.  "Nerd Rap" works I guess.  But I feel putting it in any subgenre just sells it short.  Josh Eppard's got a whole thing of his own going on.  As a drummer he was recognized in Modern Drummer's 2006 best-of issue as the 5th best Prog drummer.  Coheed's second and third albums went Gold.  They're beginning to get recognition as one of the major players in the creation of the "New Prog" subgenre.  Hell they even had an appearance on MTV's TRL in January 2006.  Josh, of course, then got himself banned from all interviews because he accidentally slipped the word "shit" on air (resulting in this way awesome screencap).  The VJ threatened that he wouldn't be invited back to the show...  which has since ended it's terrible reign on music television.  Anyway so now...  well beginning November 2007...  Josh sat with Wavis and they got to write and record a Weerd Science album.  It's called Sick Kids and it blows my mind.  You know something's good if it makes you think and makes your hips shake simultaneously.  That's mah shit fo real yo.  No release date yet, but today Dirty Ern from the Weerd Science camp busted on the scene...  posted a blog adressing the delay of the record and posted up a freakin' new song!!! My favorite one at that.  "The Clap."  And it features my girl Anni Krueger on background vox.

Buuuutttttt...  now he's got a new rock band.  Mours.  Posted a song on myspace last Sunday.  "Christmas From Hell."  Super epic emotional rollercoaster.  They're spending every day in the studio pumping out new songs.  2 singers.  Man, it's good stuff.  I'm anxious to hear more final mixes...  but it's tough with inspiration being so great from all these wonderful January vibes.  Dudes just can't stop making music together.

2009 is sweet :)

he has his contradicting views. she has her cyclothymic moods 2008-11-14 18:19:02 Tony Levin (bass-- King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, Liquid Tension Experiment)

Recently he contributed to international studio engineer, Roman Klun, solo album Kingsway along with 3's Joey Eppard among many others. I'm going to catch the Roman Klun Kingsway showcase tomorrow evening in Woodstock. There's a few more dates around Woodstock, Saugerties and NYC. This one that I'm going to is at Colony Cafe 22 Rock City Road, Woodstock, NY 12498

The RK band for the evening will feature: Chris "Gartdrumm" Gartmann, Anni Krueger, Daniel Grimsland, Billy Riker, and Daniel A. Weiss

Also appearing...

Pete Levin Trio (8pm)

Joey Eppard (9:30pm)


Additionally... Tony Levin has some new tunes! he's formed a project playing Chapman Stick and Vox + Michael Bernier (Chapman Stick, vocals and drums) + Pat Mastelotto (Drums and Digital Digits) = Stick Men. I just came across their profile on myspace. They had a show booked in Brooklyn mid-Oct. I tried to make it out, but didn't have the funds. Since hearing about the formation of the project I've been dying to find a way to lend my ears to it. Now there's a way!


Rock on,


TheRoadIsAnImpossibleLifeTelevision 2008-10-12 16:02:43

3 Fall 2008 Tour Promo


Impossible Life Television


Yellowhead Highway2


Dance in the Van2


Canadian Rocks


Billy's Water


Can we have seperate checks?


New Sunglasses


Indy Diner food2


Gart Art Short1 Pluck out your wicked eyes


John The Baker - Crack Baby


music businessisms


10/13 07:00 PM - Blakes on Telegraph w/ John The Baker, Middle Class Rut, Cityscape Horizon, Matter - Berkeley, California poster

10/14 07:30 PM - Troubadour w/ Art of Chaos, Middle Class Rut, Le Meu Le Purr - Los Angeles, California fan poster

10/15 7:00 PM - Club Karma w/ Art of Chaos, SixChamberSolution, Middle Class Rut, Bison b.c. - Victorville, California poster

10/16 9:30 PM - Beauty Bar w/ Le Meu Le Purr, The Bitters (21+) - Las Vegas, Nevada fan poster | poster

10/17 08:00 PM - Burt's Tiki Lounge w/ Bison b.c., Passive, Sky Change (21+) - Salt Lake City, Utah poster

 10/18 08:00 PM - Club 156 @ Univ. of Colorado w/ Bison b.c. - Boulder, Colorado poster

10/19 09:00 PM - Jackpot Music Hall w/ My Only Danger, Bison b.c - Lawrence, Kansas poster

10/21 07:00 PM - The Basement w/ Bison b.c. - Columbus, Ohio poster

10/22 07:30 PM - Rex Theater w/ Bison b.c. - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania poster

fall into the niche 2008-09-11 17:35:34 Tonight is the first Weerd Science show since September 22, 2007 at Chameleon Club!!! I wish I could make it out, but unfortunately gas prices are insane. Instead I'll just watch the Weerd Science in the studio videos on youtube and prepare myself for his sophomore release, "Sick Kids," due out sometime before the end of this year on EQUAL VISION RECORDS.

Speaking of EVR, they're making shit happen in these next few months! On September 16, 2008 they're releasing the new record from my favorite West Coast forward-moving musicians, Portugal. The Man. They've had my attention since the release of their debut full length, Waiter: "You Vultures!" in 2006. It ended up becoming my favorite album to be released that year. Since then they've steadily put out at least one release per year. These guys are what music is about! I've only had the chance to see them live once and their energy was through the roof! They pulled what seemed like everyone from their entourage on stage to play something. I haven't looked at the tambourine the same since! I tried to catch them on their recent tour with Rx Bandits, but tickets sold out. I hung outside The School of Rock East rockin' out to what I could make out through the walls 'til I got kick out. \m/ Seems as if they're coming back around my area on Halloween and November 1st. I will not miss them again!

The next day, September 17, I finally get to experience the brilliance of a The Mars Volta live show. I'm nearly pissing myself in anticipation! I've been waiting years for this!

If I could put together the ultimate tour, the bill would be be: 3 headlining with Kiss Kiss, Portugal. The Man and The Dear Hunter. All four acts blur genres and have similar philosophies, yet they couldn't sound any more different! They'd have to hand everyone a pair of clean underwear at the door because by the end of that show, it'd be required!

Back to EVR and continuing on the topic of forward-moving musicians, Travis Stever of Coheed and Cambria is putting out an album for his third "side" project, Davenport Cabinet on October 14th. Previously he released Children of the Deuce under the name Fire Deuce which was a satirical EP that brought together talents of 3, Coheed and Cambria and 3's TM on trumpet put out by CI Records in 2005 (and inspired by the two bands' tours together including one with Boys Night Out in 2003 and one with Underoath in 2004). His second release was an iTunes exclusive, the self titled LP, The English Panther in 2006. This album gave us a glimpse into the musical genius' mind. It's like folk, southern rock and a little bit of new-wave. Unfortunately I haven't been able to listen to it in like a year since I've been plagued with computer problems and was forced to validate 5 computers with my iTunes account. I've been hankering for a listen for so long!!! Well at least there's this Davenport Cabinet album coming out to fill my Travis Stever void. The cleverly titled, Nostalgia in Stereo, is a collection of 11 songs written and recorded at his upstate NY home during time off and was mixed by Mike Major (Sparta, At the Drive-In). There's an interesting story behind the title of the project that you can read at his myspace profile and EVR's artist profile.

My ultimate tour line-up is still a dream, but it seems as if I'm becoming blessed with portions of it. Kiss Kiss will be performing 2 shows with 3 this month and there's all sorts of rumors afloat (in my head) for separate shows with the other two. Until then, I'm gonna gear up for September 19th. 3 will be kicking off their fall tour of the US and Canada at their home venue, Bearsville Theater in Woodstock. They've got a 2 hour set (the usual for local performances) and word is they're debuting some new songs!!! I'm really hoping for a return of Race The Light! They haven't played that one since 2006! Local friends and rockin' musicians Frankie and His Fingers will be the special guests of the evening. I'm trying to make it out to Boston and Philly also. I'd love to see [KID:NAP:KIN], I've heard so many good things about their music and live performance. Also The Distraction fucking rocks. I'm definitely hitting up Albany. That's the second of 2 shows with Kiss Kiss . There's no way in hell I'm missing 2 of my favorite modern bands share a stage. I can't wait to hear their new material too! Reality vs. the Optimist carried me through 2007. It always leaves me fiendishly thirsting for more!

This will be 3's first tour since Progressive Nation 2008 with Dream Theater, Opeth & Between the Buried and Me. If you're a fan you definitely won't want to miss this run since they're HEADLINING! So instead of being forced to shorten and squeeze like 8 epic songs into one measly half hour, they will have 60 to 90 minutes to properly rock your face off so you can experience 3 live the way you were meant to! Make sure to support them too by buying a hat (they've got beanies for the winter and sick trucker hats directly from the 80's! Ask Max and he'll fill you in on the story), CD (they will have Paint by Number (with Josh Eppard), Half Life (let's get funky!), Summercamp Nightmare, Wake Pig, The End is Begun and Joey Eppard's solo album from 2002 Been to the Future and maybe even a few copies of Math's InsertYourNameHere), t-shirt, hoodie, sticker... anything so they can eat something afterward! The schedule is pretty damn intense and they do not have the luxury of a bus. Here's an updated list of 3's fall headlining tour dates (if you're looking for some new/local/fresh/grassroots prog check out the supporting bands -- at the bottom is a list of the myspace profiles of just about every artist I've mentioned):

Sep 19 - Bearsville Theater (w/ Frankie and His Fingers) - Woodstock, New York [ ] all ages. 10PM, $18 / $20. "3" hometown tour kick-off show. lastfm:event=726559

Sep 20 - Cafe 939 @ Berklee (w/ The Distraction, Kid:Nap:Kin) - Boston, Massachusetts ticketmaster all ages. 7:30 PM, $17. Presented by Jonathan Schmidt. lastfm:event=702459 poster designed by Threedom Fighter and Boston resident, Moe Gagnon

Sep 21 - The Barbary (w/ Kiss Kiss, Marble Faun) - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania ticketweb all ages. 6:30 PM, $10, Presented by R5 Productions lastfm:event=722636 poster designed by Threedom Fighter, Drexel student & WKDU DJ, Ebonie Butler

Sep 25 - Valentines (w/ Kiss Kiss, Margan And The Red Lions, Ophelia) - Albany, New York ticketmaster Ages 16+. 6:30 PM, $10, Step Up Presents. lastfm:event=722876 poster designed by Threedom Fighter & musician, Dave Andersen

Sep 26 - Le Casbah - Quebec City, Quebec billetech all ages. 9:00 PM, $10, Presented by Get A Room Productions lastfm:event=726563 poster designed by Threedom Fighter and graphic designer, Jeremy Martin

Sep 27 - il Motore - Montreal, Quebec tickets all ages. 7:30 PM, $12, Presented by Blue Skies Turn Black lastfm:event=726564 poster designed by Threedom Fighter and graphic designer Yagil Kadosh

Sep 28 - The Mod Club (w/ Tub Ring, Alpha Galates) - Toronto, Ontario ticketmaster all ages. 8:00 PM, $20, Presented by Inertia Entertainment. lastfm:event=720901 poster designed by Threedom Fighter, original Coheed and Cambria Street Team member & graphic designer, Maggie DeSantis

Sep 29 - The Embassy (w/ Tub Ring) - London, Ontario ticketmaster all ages. 7:30 PM, $17.50, Presented by Inertia Entertainment. lastfm:event=726567 poster designed by Threedom Fighter & art student Liz Glitz

Oct 1 - Reggie’s Live (w/ Tub Ring) - Chicago, Illinois ticketweb all ages. 6:00 PM, $12, Presented by MP Productions. lastfm:event=728059 poster designed by Threedom Fighter and Illinois resident, Jeremy Martin

Oct 2 - 7th Street Entry (w/ Tub Ring) - Minneapolis, Minnesota 18+ 8:00 PM, $10, Presented by First Avenue. lastfm:event=728061 poster #1 designed by Ben Proell, #2 by Ben Proell, #3 by Ben Proell, #4 by Ben Proell

Oct 3 - Ozzy’s (w/ Tub Ring) - Winnipeg, Manitoba 18+ 8:00 PM, $15, Presented by Union Concerts. lastfm:event=728064 poster designed by Threedom Fighter, Megan Jeter

Oct 5 - The Starlite - Edmonton, Alberta 18+ 8:00 PM, $16 (Ticketmaster, Blackbyrd, Listen and Megatunes), Presented by Union Concerts. lastfm:event=728065

Oct 6 - The Warehouse - Calgary, Alberta ticketmaster 18+ 8:00 PM, $16 (Ticketmaster, Megatunes, Sloth), Presented by Union Concerts lastfm:event=728066

Oct 8 - Biltmore Cabaret (w/ INVASIVES) - Vancouver, British Columbia 19+ 8:00 PM, $15 (Ticketmaster and Scratch), Live Nation Canada, Inc. / Ian Low lastfm:event=728068 poster designed by Threedom Fighter & bootleger, Joe DeCicco

Oct 9 - King Cobra (w/ Middle Class Rut, Bison b.c.) - Seattle, Washington All Ages. 7:00 PM, $10, Thrasher Presents lastfm:event=726570

Oct 10 - The Boulevard (w/ Final Plea, Middle Class Rut) - Spokane, Washington blvdconcerts all ages. 6:00, $8. *FP CD release show lastfm:event=760685

Oct 11 - Hawthorne Theater (w/ Middle Class Rut, The Days The Nights, The Jezebel Spirit) - Portland, Oregon 7:30 PM, $10 (safeway, ticketswest), Thrasher Presents lastfm:event=726571 poster

Oct 13 - Blakes On Telegraph (w/ Middle Class Rut, Cityscape Horizon & Matter)- Berkeley, California all ages. 7:00 PM - $10 - Presented by Kid Glove Entertainment lastfm:event=746377

Oct 14 - Troubadour (w/ Art of Chaos, Middle Class Rut, Le Meu Le Purr) - Los Angeles, California all ages. 7:30 PM, $12 lastfm:event=728070 poster designed by Threedom Fighter & graphic design student, Brandon Gray

Oct 15 - Club Karma (w/ Middle Class Rut, Bison b.c.) - Victorville, California 6:00 PM, $10 (Kinari, Ticketweb), Presented by Makadent Coalition. lastfm:event=735002

Oct 16 - Beauty Bar (w/ Le Meu Le Purr) - Las Vegas, Nevada - Ages 21+ 9:30 PM - $5 - Pulsar Presents. lastfm:event=752695 poster designed by Threedom Fighter, graphic designer & musician, Anthony Masington

Fri, Oct 17 - Burt's Tiki Lounge (w/ Bison BC, Skychange, Passive) - Salt Lake City, Utah - Ages 21+ 8:00 PM - $10 (SmithsTix, KTix) - Presented by The Kollective lastfm:event=752929

Sat, Oct 18 - Club 156 (w/ Bison BC) - Boulder, Colorado - All Ages & Open to Public. 8:00 PM - $8 - Presented by University of Colorado lastfm:event=752636 Oct 19 - Jackpot Music Hall (w/ My Only Danger, Bison BC) - Lawrence, Kansas - Ages 18+ 8:00 PM - $8, Hunt Industries / Terry Taylor lastfm:event=752697 poster

Oct 21 - The Basement (w/ Bison BC) - Columbus, Ohio - All Ages 7:00 PM, $10, Promo West Productions / Steve Boyer lastfm:event=762355

Oct 22 - Rex Theater (Bison BC) - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania ticketmaster All Ages. 7:30 PM, $11, Presented by Elko Concerts. lastfm:event=762372


Listen to these bands on myspace:

* = multiple shows with 3


Tentative Summer 2008 Concert Schedule 2008-07-10 15:53:03 Jul 19 - 3 @ Orange County Fair (2 hour set!!!) [Middletown, NY] event listing

Jul 20 - Sabor Con Colour, Joey Eppard @ Rosendale Street Fest (Free!) [Rosendale, NY] event listing

Jul 24 - Lachi @ The Bitter End [NYC]

Jul 28 - Joey Eppard opening for Todd Rundgren @ Bearsville Theater (if I can afford it) [Woodstock, NY] event listing

Jul 31 - Portugal. The Man and RX Bandits @ School of Rock (though I despise that "venue") [South Hackensack, NJ] event listing OR Aug 1 - Portugal. The Man and RX Bandits @ Highline Ballroom (though I can't afford to park because I fucking love PTM. Haven't seen them since TFOT tour with Tera Melos and Damiera) [NYC] event listing

Aug 2 - Joey Eppard @ Fernwood Restaurant [Palenville, NY]

Aug 3 - Joey Eppard @ Dutch Reformed Church [Woodstock, NY]

Aug 7 - Naked @ The Pig [Saugerties, NY] event listing

Aug 9 - Welcome to Rockland Fest 2: Kiss Kiss, Codename: Morocco, Dreamer Driver, Big D and the Kids Table, The Number 12 Looks Like You, Crash Romeo, Don't Panic, Amory, The Naked Citizens, Pinion, ciano, Looking Glass Wars, N.A.S.H., Winter Ashes, Pushing Mongo, Hope It Dies, Chewing Pics, Sir Duncan & the Prix, Time For Plan B, The Picture Revival @ The Nyack Center [Nyack, NY] event listing

Aug 10 - Welcome to Rockland Fest 2: Catch 22, Patent Pending, The Supervillains, Daly's Gone Wrong, Man on Earth, Red Light Green Light, This Island Earth, Sexy Heroes In Transit, park ranger, The Rise and Fall, So Much for Sweet Talk, Above All Fallen, In Question, Burn Wallstreet, Silence the Feedback, Dawnstar, In Revenge, signal for silence, Dead Channels, The 27's @ The Nyack Center [Nyack, NY] event listing

Aug 14, 15, 16 OR 17 - King Crimson !!!!!! @ Nokia Theater (I'll find a way in to one. Ain't no way I'm completely missing this. First off, Nokia Theater has the best sound of any NYC venue. Second off... it's Robert Fripp, Adrian Belew, Tony Levin, Pat Mastelotto and Gavin Harrison of Porcupine Tree was invited to tour with the classic band in 2008) [NYC]

Aug 22 - The Dear Hunter @ The Loft (haven't seen this line-up yet. Seen every other line-up once including the first ever TDH show with TREOS backing Casey) [Poughkeepsie, NY] event listing OR Aug 23 - The Dear Hunter @ School of Rock [South Hackensack, NJ] event listing

Sep 17 - The Mars Volta @ Hammerstein Ballroom !!!!!!! (first time I've been able to get a ticket for one of their shows!) [NYC] event listing