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The Twofer: Ok, This Works.

My God, I think I’ve got it. First, I’ll choose one randomly chosen political/lol video I found on Youtube. Then I’ll rep some awesome video for some song I love and then you will all leave comments and stuff. Awesome. The Best Stephen Colbert Clip In The History of Ever The Reign of Kindo – […]

My First Blog

I’ve had some pretty grandiose plans in the staff forum concerning what I’d do with this column I kind of want to setup. Then I put it on the backburner because I was moving then I put the backburner on another, much deeper backburner because the semester started, and eventually here we are. About, what, […]

Episode 26 – Weird Side Of Pop

OK, straight up this isn’t the weirdest stuff you’ve ever heard. No, it doesn’t even border on Avant Garde. This music is a little left of center though but it’s all easily enjoyed. This week we have Men, Women and some questionable singers taking you through some new music. Enjoy. Man Man – Top Drawer […]

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