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Video Of The Week: Do They Know It’s Christmas?

Merry Christmas faithful readers, and you must be faithful if you are checking our modest music site on Christmas day. Here’s a little gift for you, Band Aid’s Do The Know It’s Christmas. Have a safe holiday and a Happy New Year from all of us at Music Emissions. Make a New Years resolution to […]

Recs from The Accused

The Accused. The band may bring back some memories from some of the elder members of our community. Tommy “The Accused” Niemayer is bringing the band back once again for another of the Martha Splatterhead series. The new album is called The Curse of Martha Splatterhead and is out now on Southern Lord. Tommy dropped […]

Video Of The Week: Field Music – Them That Do Nothing

I was busy compiling a list of anticipated releases for 2010 (podcast to come first week in January) and saw Field Music on the list. Then a few days ago I saw this video, from their forthcoming album Measure due in February, on Stereogum. Thought I would share with you. Wonderful pop music and an […]

Recs from Vulture Whale

Like a dang phoenix, Vulture Whale rose from the ashes of its previous incarnations, and morphed into the best American band pretending to be a British band influenced by American music since Guided By Voices. On Bamboo You, the group’s new EP and its third release since its inception, Vulture Whale combines its unique brand […]

Elliott Smith’s Roman Candle and From a Basement on the Hill get added to KRS

Roman Candle is Elliott Smith’s first solo album and was originally released on Portland’s Cavity Search Records in 1994. Roman Candle had quite an impact on Slim Moon, Kill Rock Stars’ founder: “In 1994, I had been asked to be on this five-person solo-act tour called Pop Chord with Tammy Watson, Carrie Akre, Sean Croghan […]

New Bettie Serveert – Pharmacy of Love out in March

Bettie Serveert’s new album, Pharmacy of Love, will be released on March 23rd by Second Motion Records in the U.S. and by Sound of Pop in Canada. But fans will get a preview of the new material with the acclaimed Dutch indie rock band’s digital EP, Deny All, which will be available beginning January 26th […]

2009 Year end lists, submit yours and get entered for $50

It’s time for the Best of 2009… If you give us your list in any format (top 10, general list, story) in a comment below, you are entered to win a $50 Amazon Gift Certificate, just in time for Christmas. Here’s the staff’s faves of 2009:

Episode 61: Year End Wrap Up Special Edition

Dennis The Dudes – Ghosts We’re Buried On (Blood Guts Bruises Cuts) Lorrie Matheson – Another Seven Minutes (Shot To Hell) (In Vein) Isis – Ghost Key (Wavering Radiant) Brian Experience.Hold. – Plan B (EP) Sipo – White Light (Year Of The White Rose) Kings of Leon – California Waiting (Holy Roller Novocain EP) Brand […]

Kiss rips off Poison on their Sonic Boom album

I was giving the new Kiss album, Sonic Boom a good listen to this weekend while freezing my ass off and I got to the third track, “Never Enough” and thought, “Hmm, this sounds very familiar” and then before I knew it I was singing along to Poison’s “Nothing But A Good Time”. Not just […]

Video Of The Week: The Twilight Sad – Seven Years of Letters

I really enjoyed the latest Twilight Sad album, Forget The Night Ahead opening my eyes to this fabulous band. Of course I was excited when I found this brand new video for Seven Years of Letters. Nicely done as well.

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