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The final pirate ship sinking?

Sure, there will always be another three or twelve file-sharing sites in the shadows. But, times have changed, and its just not worth the hassle to most music consumers anymore. Viruses and the constant fear of the next round of lawsuits, when will your lotto number be picked? Last Friday (5.28.10) reported the end […]

Video Of The Week: Nada Surf – Electrocution

A new Nada Surf album is out. It’s a cover album. Here is one of the tracks called Electrocution. Have a great Memorial Day Weekend everyone (in the USA)!

Warner Bros. head spin: lawsuit claims studio pirated anti-piracy patent

Sourced by Engadget and Ben Oliver Written by Ross Miller. We’ll let that headline sink in for a second — it gets even better, we assure you. The story goes as such: German company Medien Patent Verwaltung (MPV) claims that in 2003 it showed Warner Bros. (under a confidentiality agreement) a way to track where […]

Recs from Oscar Albis Rodriguez – Nakatomi Plaza / Ludlow Lions / Ghost Robot Ninja Bear

Oscar Albis Rodriguez is a busy man. Not one or two projects on the go but three. He is the brains behind Nakatomi Plaza / Ludlow Lions / Ghost Robot Ninja Bear. Someone this prolific is interesting to see what sort of music they listen to. Here is a list: 1. Milagres (formerly The Secret […]

Video Of The Week: Jason Collett – Love Is A Dirty Word

Not much to say about this clever little video. Jason Collett is one of the more talented people on the Arts & Crafts roster. Enjoy!

Artists On The Verge (2010): Minus The Bear

Thursdays have historically been a day for boasting the all-time classic albums of indie music. A few weeks ago the staff decided to jump on a different bandwagon. Over the next few months, new staff writer Ben Oliver , and others will begin to spotlight Artists On The Verge. Artists who have stayed vigilante and […]

Recs from Framing Hanley

Framing Hanley is a five-piece outfit from Nashville, Tennessee, USA and released their first studio album in August 2007. They are getting set to release their sophomore album A Promise To Burn late May. We caught up with the band to find out what some of their favorite albums were.

Recs from Horse Feathers

Born and raised in Lewiston, ID, Justin Ringle has a natural affinity with the West.  Its space, beauty, and nonconformity seem to be reflected in the music of his band Horse Feathers, named after an expression he heard his grandfather use. We caught up with Justin to find out some of his favorite albums.

Recs from The Daredevil Christopher Wright

While The Daredevil Christopher Wright’s debut album, In Deference to a Broken Back, doesn’t dramatize the agonies given them, they do face the weighty issues of cancer, death, and loss with a realistic and offbeat tone. Their joyful music is layered with the profundity of small moments that flavor life. The boys in the band […]

Episode 72: A Little No Depression

Hey ya’ll. It’s Dennis Scanland bringing you another week of earthy roots morsels to pick at. Don’t miss another podcast, follow us on Twitter @musicemissions (no spaces). John Wayne – Nathan Xander (The Fear) Flirted With You All My Life – Vic Chesnutt (At The Cut) Broken Dreams – Greg MacPherson (Mr. Invitation) Dark – […]

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