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Festivals: Rocklahoma, Five to Know

As you know, Rocklahoma is almost here. Whether you’re too far away for a trip to Pryor, Oklahoma and will be keeping up with our social avenues (Facebook, Twitter) for the best coverage or you’ll be front and center during the day and sitting by the campfire at night, we thought we would do some […]

Charles Martel’s Top 1000: Part 30

Last week, I mentioned French black metal which segues nicely into this week’s discussion on the importance of language in song. Do you have to be able to understand the words of the song in order to appreciate it? In this list are tracks sung in a variety of languages including French, Japanese, German, Icelandic, […]

Becoming The Boss and Getting Back to Biz Basics: Music Biz 2014

Learning about the Music Business Association (Music Biz)’s annual conference a few weeks ago, I grew extremely curious. It’s no surprise there are so many confusing facets to the music industry behind a creative artist – distribution, digital and traditional media channel promotion, metadata analysis of hits, streams and units, label contracts, tour booking, ticket […]

Meme: The Truth….

Festival: Rocklahoma Set Times

ROCKLAHOMA BAND PERFORMANCE TIMES ANNOUNCED AMERICA’S BIGGEST MEMORIAL DAY WEEKEND PARTY TAKES PLACE MAY 23-25 IN PRYOR, OK Band performance times have been announced for Rocklahoma, America’s biggest Memorial Day Weekend party.

Interview: Incan Abraham

Spoiled by the abundance of great album releases this year and still wading my way through after my SXSW whirlwind, one release catching my attention was Incan Abraham’s album, ‘Tolerance’. New York formed and LA based, this foursome recorded their latest full-length LP in Hollywood’s historic Sound Factory, a storied studio used by Tom Waits, […]

Charles Martel’s Top 1000: Part 29

Last week I looked at how young people pick up music from their parents. Is the reverse true? Without having kids I do not know for sure, but in my experience some kids are less tolerant than their parents. Earlier this year I finally got to see Alcest in concert. Alcest are a French black […]

Melody, it’s not all there is to a song, but it helps

I love listening to Classical music, but I don’t write about it. It seems more the work of a musicologist too review classical albums. I admit this even knowing there are some of my colleagues, who don’t mind writing about classical. It’s the best music. Bach’s Mass in B Minor is my favorite. But I’ll […]

Fest Review and Interviews: MoogFest

Cradled in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, I found an electronic music utopia. Playing hosts for five days to producers, DJs, singers and show creators from around the world, folks took planes, trains and automobiles to take part in Asheville’s MoogFest which provided unique discussions and performances with electro’s expansive genre’s past, present and future. […]

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