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Video of the Week: Zack Kim

An oldie but a goodie… The early beginnings of what is now an internet sensation. We have lots of respect for creative folk like Zack Kim.

Interview: (hed) p.e.’s Jaxon Benge

As we start the official first month of fall and temperatures start to cool (or continue to boil if you’re in So Cal like me), you might begin to stockpile albums for the long winter ahead. In preparation, I collect albums like a squirrel collects nuts and made sure (hed) p.e.’s ‘Evolution’ made the list. […]

Jazz Street: Thelonious Monk

With an industry turned upside down searching for the next destination of music popularity, it’s important to hold on and consistently revisit where we have been. This month, we pay praise to… Thelonious Monk Band leader, piano player, innovator extraordinaire Monk made his mark with so many great albums. It’s not hard to find a collection […]

My Top Ten Curvy Songs

I am a “fat bottomed girl” and even if I am not blond, sometimes I feel “big and beautiful”, but when I feel a little blue, I put these records on and I start feeling better, thanks to the music… and the funny lyrics sometimes can help even more than you can imagine.   Queen […]

Contest: U2 Definitive Biography (closed)

THINK YOU KNOW U2? Whether you are a die-hard U2 fan, or simply a music aficionado who enjoys artist biographies, U2:The Definitive Biography by John Jobling is an interesting read. Jobling captivates and astounds with the live-accounts and stories provided through various interviews with band members. Loaded with immensely entertaining details about the band’s triumphs and […]

Contest: Leonard Cohen Inspired Lyric (closed)

Love Leonard Cohen? Enjoy writing? Hot on the heels of Leonard Cohen’s album Popular Problems, we’ve opened a contest for the more artistically inclined among us! If you are a longtime fan, or a recent convert, and enjoy writing, simply craft a Cohen inspired lyric and you can win a limited edition lithograph and copy […]

Charles Martel’s Top 1000: Part 50

Does music change the world? Most musicians and many critics would like to think that it does. I am not so sure. Billy Bragg has spent 30 years decrying the capitalist system, during which time the abuses of it have, if anything, got worse. Billie Holiday sang “Strange Fruit” in 1939 but blacks were still […]

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