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Editorial: Year of the Monkey

Friends, foes and the rest, lend me your ear as we go over what is expected to be the best year of albums releases in albums releases since, god knows when. What is likely to be looked back at as the legendary year of hypes, flops and… the rest… 1. Radiohead – Since “Pablo Honey”, […]

Staff Editorial: Music Emissions’ Top Albums/EPs of 2017

Now that the holidays are over and arctic chills possessively rule most of the land, it’s prime time to applaud the artists of several genres who gave us moments of musical surprise and joy throughout an otherwise pretty bizarre year. This group of artists comprises a diverse mix of well-established and rising talents that filled […]

Staff Editorial: Cinematic Mastery

Since the late 1800’s, artists of rare form have found themselves recording songs that would go on to change lives. However, the songs that truly impact our lives transcend to cinema as well. Here’s a list of our staff’s favorite cinematic musical memory Brian As far back as I can remember, music has been a […]

Staff Editorial: Music Emissions’ Top Albums/EPs/Mixtapes of 2016

Reflecting back on a year with extreme highs and lows, where we spent a good part of the year mourning the loss of irreplaceable music legends, now’s the time to commend the artists that provided the few bright spots of 2016. Waiting to see if there were any last-minute surprises in December yielded some well […]

Best Of: Nat Lathy’s Top Albums Of 2015

1. James McMurtry-Complicated Game This album has a great folk sound. It’s got some of the best melodies I’ve heard on an album in a long time, and the lyrics are worth revisiting. 2. Nellie McKay-My Weekly Reader In the mood for old school? McKay handles the classics with her own interpretations. You don’t have […]

Staff Editorial: Top Albums/EPs of 2015

Staff Editorial: Who’s Your Dealer

Regardless of your position in life, the majority of humans adore music, even some to psychotic levels. With that in mind, we asked our staff, who’s feeding your addiction? Where do you go to get your fix? Who’s Your Dealer

Staff Editorial: Surprise Drops- Yay or Nay?

As Kendrick Lamar (intentionally or not, which is still up for debate after viewing his management’s reaction) added his name to the list of surprise releases with his latest drop, ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’, the discussion stirred up again like dust in the wind, begging the question, “Do we as fans like it?” “Does it […]

Best Of: Carlita’s Top Songs of 2014

Wrapping up my last 2014 list, I decided to do something different and switch it up. Instead of rushing out with my selections, I gave myself a test- Let two weeks go by into 2015 and if I found myself still rocking to something, being eager to revisit and put a song on “Repeat”, it […]

Best Of: Carlita’s Top Albums/EPs of 2014

Now that 2014 is a wrap, the hour’s arrived to drop #CarlitasCuts and give props to those artists who kept me dancing, singing along and provided the flight soundtracks during a busy year. Waiting purposefully until December ended, proved a wise decision with listeners like me being rewarded with unexpected bonus early Christmas presents. Showing […]

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