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Introducing: The Channel Drifters

Introducing: The Fylls

From the moment the listener hits “Play” on NYC based band The Fylls’ new EP ‘Interrupted’, each song blends their trademark style of 60’s rock/90’s grunge with tackling inner turmoil, fond and unpleasant memories and social commentary about the perils of city life. Guitar and harmonica player Jordan Rhodes and bass player Erica Robinson’s complementary […]

Introducing: Suicide Swans

Checking out Brisbane and Toowoomba located quintet Suicide Swans’ music, the listener takes a swirly nostalgic trip to the 60’s and 70’s folk of Neil Young and Bob Dylan, with a hint of today’s country rock. Coming together in 2012, the group’s first EP and full-length gets introspective, while making observations about society like the […]

Introducing: Old New York

Introducing: Barry Myers

Music as communication, as a means of finding ourselves in others, is a foundational strength of it doesn’t end there however. Barry’s music takes another step beyond by bravely grappling with heady, perhaps unanswerable, questions that follow us all of our lives. Barry Myers’ artistic vision.Why are any of us here? Where have we come […]

Introducing: Jonas Martin

Life is full of circuitous journeys. We find things in our youth that fire our imaginations before moving on to other passions, but occasionally, we sometimes retrace our steps and find unexpected callings from the ashes of the past. Jonas Martin remembers his father’s love for music and a long tenure playing percussion in school […]

Introducing: Counting Glaciers

Question. When is a band not a band? Answer. When a collection of talented individuals come together for a recording reflecting the diversity of their influences without having plans to make that temporary affiliation more permanent. With that in mind, the individuals behind “Counting Glaciers” could equally be regarded as not being a band… Or […]

Introducing: Robin Joel Sangster

Don’t confuse making music and being famous, there are too many famous people,” said Sangster. “Most real musicians have to keep making music (whether it sells or not) or they would probably keel over and die. Most of the famous people out there should just concentrate on the latter.

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