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Recs from Alan Cross (The Ongoing History of New Music)

The Onging History of New Music debuted in February 1993 on radio station 102.1 The Edge/Toronto. Since then it’s…well, it’s taken on a life of its own. Consider: More than 500 different one-hour episodes have been produced, making it the longest-running music documentary in Canada and one of the longest in North America. More than […]

Recs from Preston Lovinggood of Wild Sweet Orange

Lizzy Grant is the perfect pop star in my opinion. not too nice not too mean and just sexy enough. she wears her obsessions on her sleeve. more artist should do that. more people need to get obsessed with things like Lizzy Grant. Modern Skirts are the most original indie pop band i have ever […]

Recs from Lord Phallus (aka Rob Crow) of Goblin Cock

I, Lord Phallus of the mighty Goblin Cock deem the following records noteworthy and should be paid more attention to…. 1. Horrific Child – L’etrange Mr. Whinster This is a record that defies description. Somehow derivative yet genre-smashing. Every three minutes you will say to yourself “What the fuck is this?”, but in a new […]

Recs from Good Old War

Good Old War just released their debut album, Only Way To Be Alone to critical acclaim this year. Here’s what the band tells us are essential records: Maps and Atlases – You and Me and the Mountain: They are not just amazing musicians who can do some of the most mind blowing things on their […]

Recs from Takka Takka

Takka Takka themselves are a band that you should know about. Their new album this year, Migration is something of wonderful underground material. Here are some of the bands/albums that Takka Takka think you should know about: Inlets: They don’t have a record out yet, but they are making some amazing music. I love Sebatian’s […]

Recs from Robert Suchan from Koufax

Mercury Rev (“Deserter’s Songs” is one of the best american records of the ’90s) Morphine (sex, sleaze, cool, double sax, 2 string slide bass guitar, completely unimitatable) Figurines (old tour mates of ours from 2005 in europe from denmark, righteous hooks and songwriting) Smoking Popes (recent tour mates of ours, beautiful and classic melodies, ramones […]

Recs from Anthony Gonzalez of M83

I had a chat with Anthony Gonzalez from M83 and we were talking about bands he’s been listening to lately. More precisely, bands that most people wouldn’t have heard about. There were two bands that really stood out for Anthony and then he listed off some other albums he’s been listening to this year Chairlift […]

Recs from Rise Against

This week we bring you five albums from the punk band Rise Against: Top 5 Albums (In No Particular Order) by Rise Against Dead Kennedys – Plastic Surgery Disasters I was in 6th grade when I first heard the Dead Kennedys. I was lucky enough to have an older sister who’s musical tastes trickled down […]

Recs from Sleepercar and Sparta’s Jim Ward

This is the inaugural post for a new feature we are calling “Recommendations from the Celebrity Mind”. We are asking bands who are a little more known than some to recommend some artists that you might not be familiar with. Our first artist is no stranger to the Indie world. Jim Ward is helping small […]

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