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Interview: American Hi-Fi’s Stacy Jones

   Listening to American Hi-Fi’s latest new album ‘Blood & Lemonade’, released worldwide on September 9th via the independent label Rude Records, it’s easy to see what’s made the Boston pop punk band so interesting since 1998. We recently connected with lead singer and guitarist Stacy Jones to ask him some questions about their latest […]

Interview: Rachel Ann Weiss

Thumbing through my collection of dope September EP releases, I can’t help but love Rachel Ann Weiss’ latest EP,‘Always’. Sporting a memorable cover that any former child that fancied imaginative play and dress-up could identify with, Rachel’s making waves with her guitar and “microphone”. A great blend of indie folk/jazz with tinges of the old […]

Interview: (hed) p.e.’s Jaxon Benge

As we start the official first month of fall and temperatures start to cool (or continue to boil if you’re in So Cal like me), you might begin to stockpile albums for the long winter ahead. In preparation, I collect albums like a squirrel collects nuts and made sure (hed) p.e.’s ‘Evolution’ made the list. […]

Interview: Taking Back Sunday

Punk Prestidigitation: How Taking Back Sunday Made Punk Disappear in the Studio and Reappear Live Taking Back Sunday has been an icon in the alternative rock industry since the New York natives burst onto the scene with their interesting mix of punk music and hardcore vibes in 1999. The band reveled in their success and […]

Interview: DeQn Sue

As a music correspondent who luckily gets sent music daily, I can’t say enough about a good album cover. When your eyeballs hit a cover artistically done with care and serves its purpose, it boldly grabs your attention and makes you want to hit “Click”. Coming across DeQn Sue’s ‘Zeitgeist’ cover above illicited such a […]

Interview: Butcher Babies’ Heidi Shepherd

Wading (or slashing) through a mountain of e-mails, while trying not to spontaneously combust in the Los Angeles heat recently, I stopped in my tracks once I saw the twisted cover of Butcher Babies’ upcoming EP. Bold and brash, I couldn’t take my eyes off it and ‘uncovered’ an amazing LA based metal band fronted […]

Interview: K.Flay

As a traveling music lady, multitasking road trips and long airplane rides (putting on headphones blocking out screaming babies and religious song singing flight attendants-yes, this happened) present themselves. Prepping for this flying and driving time to check out new albums, it was a must K.Flay’s ‘Life As A Dog’ landed in my mix. First […]

Interview: Swollen Members’ Prevail

Among the onslaught of hip-hop albums dropped during these busy summer months, few received the constant rotation in my headphones more than Swollen Members’ ‘Brand New Day’. One of my favorite groups north of the border, this Juno Award-winning trio (with thriving solo careers as well) released their 11th album together. In an industry that’s […]

Fest Review and Interviews: Afropunk Fest

As the summer draws to a close and we turn the page on another music-filled month, August ‘14 will stand out as a memorable one, punctuated by the much buzzed-about Afropunk Fest. Held on an opportune weekend, well before folks scattered to the winds to enjoy Labor Day lounging on the East Coast, several acts […]

Interview: Alien Ant Farm’s Dryden Mitchell

Remember when flipping through TV channels, you’d see a video that would stop you in your tracks and engage you so much in its cleverness? Enter Alien Ant Farm’s 2001 MJ cover “Smooth Criminal”. In a sea of SoCal altrock bands, they had the goods to stand out above the rest and copped two Grammy […]

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