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The Sighs – Wait On Another Day

Western Massachusetts based The Sighs just released their latest CD entitled “Wait On Another Day” (2017). The Sighs are definitely a great throwback to the heydays of Rock N’ Roll. Wait On Another Day captures the energy and foundations of these particular eras, and by “these” I mean the early 60s and 90s. This shouldn’t […]

Introducing: Samantha Ronson

Now one of the biggest DJs in the world, Samantha Ronson has led a privileged life and been surrounded by music since an early age. A friendship with Lindsay Lohan saw her propelled into the public eye more than a decade ago, but just where did Samantha Ronson come from, and what is she up […]

Introducing: Ghostly Beard

In today’s world, it is easy to overlook the fact that what we now take as the norm was, not so very long ago, regarded as exotic. Patrick Talbot, who is Ghostly Beard, is an example of that. Born and brought up in the French Riviera of Franco-Italian background, he now lives in Montreal and […]

Introducing: Reverend Barry and Funktastic Soul featuring The Hellacious Horns

Bringing a little “Uptown Funk” to Southwestern Florida, Reverend Barry and Funktastic Soul featuring The Hellacious Horns (RBFSHH) start the party wherever they go. Merging together the missing pieces to the puzzle in 2013, in an effort to pay homage to the legendary funk bands Earth, Wind and Fire and Tower of Power, “Reverend Barry” […]

Introducing: Pablo Embon

Pablo Embon originally hails from Argentina, rich in its history of tango and Andean folk music, where he learned from famed classical guitarist Eduardo Isaac. Pablo played in several modern bands and as a single musician in his youth. Later in life, Embon immigrated to Israel where its unique blend of klezmer, Hebrew and Middle […]

Introducing: Drew Cole

Reading through New York based musician Drew Cole’s compelling bio, one might mistake it for a copy of a screenplay for the latest Academy Award nominated film. Experiencing personal trauma and tragedy at an early age, Drew sought comfort in music and moved with an aunt to a historical Upper West Side neighborhood enclave that […]

Introducing: Celadon Candy

According to the NY Journal, the origins of Celadon Candy can be traced back to 2010 when Paul Allgood and his band Wedlock were doing much better on hiatus. Multi-instrumentalist and programmer Jason Bowden had done a couple remixes for the band, but he was more Mr. “self-contained” than Mr.” band mate.” Fore-warnings aside, he […]

Introducing: The Channel Drifters

Introducing: Jonathan Cavier

Jonathan Cavier originally began his career in music back in the California area and spent a number of years as part of the duo EyeTalk. Sampling the material of that point in his career, you can already tell his musical skills were mostly fully formed. He next relocated to Phoenix, Arizona; perhaps in need of a change […]

Introducing: The Fylls

From the moment the listener hits “Play” on NYC based band The Fylls’ new EP ‘Interrupted’, each song blends their trademark style of 60’s rock/90’s grunge with tackling inner turmoil, fond and unpleasant memories and social commentary about the perils of city life. Guitar and harmonica player Jordan Rhodes and bass player Erica Robinson’s complementary […]

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