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Jazz Street: Frank Sinatra

Jazz Street: Doris Day

Sometimes a voice is just so good, you just can’t get enough of it.

Jazz Street: Harry James

Jazz Street: Dave Brubeck

And the consensus was the best version belonged to Dave Brubeck. His is the  only version of the song I’ve heard. There’s been plenty of writing about Brubeck and his work with time signatures. The main interest level for me in Brubeck’s recordings is they just sound so good.He put out a classic album with Jazz […]

Jazz Street: Johnny Hartman

Staff Editorial: Top Albums/EPs of 2015

Jazz Street: Duke Ellington

Jazz Street: Count Basie

Jazz Street: Mel Torme

Jazz Street: Chet Baker

Chet Baker was a great singer and an amazing trumpet player. When I first heard “Look For the Silver Lining” on a a promo for TCM, my mother said it was Mel Torme singing. I let her know later it was Chet Baker. I discovered this after my father exposed me to the classic album […]

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