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Becoming a community member

Is membership required on your site?

No, but do read on. In order to take full advantage of the site a free membership will help tremendously.

What benefits do you offer members?
  • Read brief synopsis reviews that give you a sense of what the music is like without going into an essay.
  • Find friends/peers that have the same music taste as you
  • Recommend music to said peers, and have music recommended to you
  • The site will recommend you music based on you profile/favorite bands/favorite genre.
  • Speak out: rate and review music yourself, right alongside editorial reviews.
How do I delete my account if I am not satisfied?

Head over here and go through the account deletion process. That's it. All your information will be deleted.

Can I become an Editorial Reviewer?

Indeed! If you are a decent music critic then read the "Becoming a Reviewer" to find out how you can end up on the staff.

What's the difference between an Editorial review and a User review?

An editorial review is a review of an album that has been submitted for critique. It is done by our esteemed editorial staff. A user review is something that the rest of the Music Emissions community can submit. User review scores are compiled according to the average score that users have given that particular album.

It all sounds great, where do I sign up?

Head over to the registration page and choose a username. You'll be up and running in minutes.

Do you have some banners or buttons I can use to link to your site?

We have a page dedicated to that.

Do you have a privacy policy?

Yes indeed! You can find all the exciting details here.

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