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Getting Your Album or Music Reviewed

How do I get my album reviewed?

First off, you need to understand the vast volume of review requests we get. If you want to guarantee a review of your album, start at the next FAQ.

If you're willing to leave it to fate, register for a free USER account. Then you can add any artist and albums to the website you like. There will be an option to leave a link for a full album download. If you do that, the album will show up in the review queue and hopefully an editorial reviewer will pick it up and write about it.

What is a guaranteed review?

Music Emissions offers all bands a way to get a guaranteed review of their album or EP. For a fee (see below) we actually pay a reviewer to spend some time with your album and do a 250+ word review on your album.

This obviously helps to build your online/electronic press kit or EPK by giving you constructive criticism. These reviews add to your EPK's and can help you get more gigs, and festival slots, and possibly the big record deal you've been dreaming of.

How do I guarantee a review of my album?

There are three options:

    $100 option:
  • assigned writer will perform email or phone interview for purposes of creating feature and bio
  • banner ad running at random throughout the site for three (3) months getting 10,000 views a month
  • artist profile page
  • album page
  • Guaranteed album review
  • An artist bio featured on the homepage of Music Emissions for one day
  • $65 option:
  • banner ad running at random throughout the site for one month getting 10,000 views
  • artist profile page
  • album page
  • Guaranteed album review
  • An artist bio featured on the homepage of Music Emissions for one day
  • $40 option:
  • artist profile page
  • album page
  • Guaranteed album review

A note on guaranteed reviews: the review is guaranteed. The reviewer will be honest about what he/she thinks of your music. You must always remember that a review is just one person's opinion of your music.

This seems a little like "Pay To Play", how can you justify paying to have a review done?

Up until now our reviewers have never been paid. We are trying to change this model as well.

No, The Dead Milkmen and David Bowie haven't paid for a review or a feature. They just happen to be user or editorial picks, which does still happen. In fact at least 90% of the content on Music Emissions is user driven, including Editorial Reviews.

Now think about the masses of music that we receive. Hell, we get over 150 "Check out this new release" emails a day! BTW - They typically get deleted by my assistant. Even with 10 full-time reviewers, we'd never get to all of those.

Think of a guaranteed review like a Disney "Fast Pass". Skip the lines. Thats it. Just because you pay doesn't get you a good review, it just skips the lines and guarantees a reviewer will write about your album.

If you want to chance the big lines without the guaranteed reviews option, then at least spend a moment adding an artist profile to the site. This is free to do and will be one step closer to having a review done.

Great, what's the next step in guaranteeing a review of my album?
  1. Make a Paypal payment by choosing the option below
  2. Email us your banner ad and give us a URL you would like the banner to link to
  3. Read details below on how to get your album to us
  4. Create your own artist and album profile on Music Emissions with a free account
Let's Get the process started:
Guaranteed Reviews
How do I get my album to you?

We at Music Emissions find it much easier to deal with digital music.

  1. Music should be in MP3 format with proper tags for reviewers (if its not tagged properly then a reviewers work is doubled. Here's what we mean by tagged?
  2. When finished tagging, create a zip file of the new MP3s.
  3. Upload a zip of the full album (with artwork and a bio if you have it) to your bands homepage. If you don't have space use a service like http://www.dropbox.com/, http://www.megaupload.com/, http://www.mediafire.com/ or https://www.yousendit.com/
  4. Send an email to guaranteed@musicemissions.com with a link to the album. If you didn't provide album artwork in the zip then forward this in the email as well.
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